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Executive Officer Job Opening - We are currently looking for an executive officer for our Home Owner's Association.  This is a paid position but is part-time at about 80 hours annually.  Job duties include preparing the billing for the HOA dues, getting agendas made for meetings, delivering bills from the PO Box to the Accountant, and keeping/preparing minutes from quarterly board meetings.  Please email Cumberland Ridge HOA.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to our neighborhood website.  Feel free to explore the features available to the public on this site.  If you are a resident, please register here to request access the members side of the website. 
Residents, the purpose of this website is to improve communications within the neighborhood and allow residents to quickly and easily find information about the happenings in our community. 
It is the Board of Directors preference that all requests, concerns, and complaints be addressed through the Board Requests feature of this website.